mindfulness meditation and compassion teacher Fay Adams
Mindfulness meditation and compassion courses, workshops by an experienced teacher and tutor, Fay Adams. Learn what mindfulness is and find out how it can benefit your well-being, how to reduce stress, deal with negative emotions, find inner peace and be of benefit to others. Manchester, Stoke-on-Trent, Derby, Birmingham, Chester and Crewe areas
mindfulness, meditation , compassion courses, by Fay Adams
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new: being earthed series


“During these years I lived in a little wooden hut set apart from the main building with a beautiful sea view. Gradually I learnt how to make friends with my body and understand my pain.”    …read more


“Being mindful is often described as a sense of ‘coming home.’ There is a feeling of completeness and being connected in a deeper way to yourself and the world around you.”   …read more


Find out about a wide variety of forms of tuition I offer and see what option suits your needs and circumstances. There’s always a possibility to speak to me directly and discuss.   …read more

Video recorded by The Mindfulness Association.

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