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I live in Edinburgh and as a lead tutor for the Mindfulness Association, I teach secular mindfulness, compassion and insight trainings in the UK and abroad. I also teach for the University of Aberdeen

mindfulness has become a rich and empowering foundation


Mindfulness is a way of being present. It is an innate capacity we all have, and a life skill which can deepen our sense of wellbeing and fulfilment. Mindfulness is accessible to everyone

Being mindful is often described as a sense of ‘coming home’


The Mindfulness Association is a company that has been set up at the request of Rob Nairn to deliver secular mindfulness training. It is a non-profit making organisation with altruistic aims directed towards sharing the benefits of mindfulness

organisation with altruistic aims


There is a mounting body of evidence which consistently demonstrates the beneficial impact of practicing mindfulness.

In this way we can feel empowered to live lives that fulfil