Biography of Fay Adams - mindfulness and compassion teacher
Read biography of Fay Adams, mindfulness and compassion teacher running courses and meditation sessions in Manchester, Stoke-on-Trent, Derby, Birmingham, Chester and Crewe areas.
Fay Adams, mindfulness, compassion, biography, Manchester, Stoke-on-Trent, Derby, Birmingham, Chester, Crewe
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Ilive in Staffordshire and teach secular mindfulness, compassion and insight trainings in the UK and abroad. I also teach for the University of Aberdeen on their Post Graduate Studies in Mindfulness Programme (MSc). In the area of Manchester, Stoke-on-Trent, Birmingham, Leek and Crewe, I teach courses, run taster sessions and provide one to one mindfulness sessions. For the Mindfulness Association, I also lead teacher training courses and retreats, help with devising curricula and supervise mindfulness teachers and am a member of their Core Management Team.

The UK Network for Mindfulness Teachers sets the standards for mindfulness-based teaching. I am affiliated with the UK Network through being a lead tutor for the Mindfulness Association and am also listed on the UK Listing of Mindfulness Teachers which you can see here.

For more details of the national standards please click here.

Like many people, I discovered mindfulness at a time of life crisis.

At 25 years old, having recently completed studies in Social Anthropology, I was forced to change my life due to the onset of chronic pain in my head, neck and back.


I soon found myself on the Holy Isle retreat island, in search of relief of my pain through meditation. Little did I know that I would live and work there for the next six years!

I learnt how to make friends with my body and understand my pain

As a resident on the Holy Isle my days consisted of cooking for retreats and immersing myself in meditation practice. Two years in, much to my surprise, I ‘took refuge’ as a Buddhist with Lama Yeshe Rinpoche (Abbott of Samye Ling Monastery in the Scottish Borders).

During these years I lived in a little wooden hut set apart from the main building with a beautiful sea view. Gradually I learnt how to make friends with my body and understand my pain through the power of mindfulness.

I was ready to devote myself to teaching mindfulness

Iwas lucky to meet renowned meditation teacher Rob Nairn and began to study and practice under his guidance. Over the coming years I was involved in the start of the Mindfulness Association which was borne of Rob’s inspiration. Then, in 2010, I was asked by the board of the MA to begin teaching mindfulness.


Towards the end of 2012 I left the Holy Isle. I had mostly regained my health and was ready to devote myself to teaching mindfulness more widely.


For me mindfulness has become a rich and empowering foundation for living life fully. From my personal experience of healing pain and through the years that I’ve been teaching mindfulness, I have come to passionately believe in its power to enable inner peace, self-awareness and resilience to be accessible to everyone.


My wish is to be able to share mindfulness with others in the hope that they, like me, can benefit from its gifts. I hope that I can help to make mindfulness accessible to all, so that more and more people can be empowered to understand their struggles better and increase happiness in their lives.

I am eternally grateful for the support and trust I have from my own mindfulness teacher – Rob Nairn, and for the guidance and teachings of HH. Karmapa, Lama Yeshe Rinpoche, Lama Rinchen, Tsoknyi Rinpoche, Lama Tsultrim Allione, Reggie Ray and Rob Preece.

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