compassion training - Fay Adams mindfulness and compassion teacher
Mindfulness meditation courses and compassion training by Fay Adams. Courses for beginners - find inner peace, taster sessions for businesses and organisations, supervision for mindfulness teachers. Staffordshire, Manchester, Stoke-on-Trent, Derby, Birmingham, Chester and Crewe.
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compassion training

Experiential compassion training is beneficial both for individuals seeking to progress deeper into the practice after mindfulness training and for workplace environments especially in the health and caring professions. It can help to maintain resilience and prevent compassion fatigue and burnout.

Compassion training is embedded in the tradition of secular mindfulness. It uses mindfulness as a foundation from which to cultivate compassion for self and for others. Research is showing the transformative and healing effects of compassion practices in personal life and in the workplace.

This type of training draws on several wisdom resources, in particular Evolutionary Psychology, Neuroscience and Mahayana Buddhism. While there have been many approaches to compassion throughout the ages, right now there is a conversation going on between these three disciplines about the meaning and application of compassion, and this will be the main focus. Emphasis is placed on experiential learning.

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