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Read testimonials by participants of Fay Adams mindfulness and compassion courses
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"I met a wonderful teacher, just when I needed her most. I’m so grateful for that. She said “let’s be here for this life.” And that felt exactly how I wanted to be. All that I needed, all that my heart had searched for. I was scared of dying from the illness that was here, yet I found peace in myself. I was taught how to settle my mind and I gradually found a sense of self, or no self you may say. A sense of security like no other before. [READ MORE]

With practice, being present happens off the cushion too. Having a good teacher meant I could also learn to teach myself, remind myself. I became a teacher to myself, I dedicate my practice to benefitting myself and others. I believe the greatest gift we can give ourselves and others is our present attention.


Fay is my teacher. She is open and hears what is said. She has a fantastic way of asking questions which allow feelings to be found. She is great at answering questions too. She simply gets to the heart of the matter with you. She teaches kindness to the self. Being kind to myself is such a new way of being. I’ve learned to allow what is here to be here. To really allow this, Fay works in a way that feels close and supportive. I was experiencing my greatest fear, yet when we met to practice I felt so safe.


I’m able to talk about difficulties and I feel that’s ok. I see my resistance, I’m taught to be gentle with myself. Slowly opening, slowly trusting to listen to my heart. Our practice has changed my life. I’m less critical of myself and others because I can notice that happening. I become less involved with thinking and reacting. I worry less.  I smile more, I feel life more, I’m learning both self compassion and compassion to others. I feel my ever changing emotions more. I am guided. Both by Fay and by mindfulness. I can see patterns of old behaviours that my mind revisits, and I’m learning to be less involved in those old habits. I’m very grateful to Fay and the teachers who taught her.

It is here in this moment. Always here. Simply return. 


Susan Patterson